Background information:

Heidi Ingram has a PhD and Post-Doctoral research experience in Plant Science and worked as a Technical Author in the Telecommunications industry where she developed user documentation, online help and training courses for Telecoms testing equipment. She excels in communicating technical and marketing information clearly and concisely.

From 2008-2017 she was business manager of an IT consultancy. Since 2011, she has also worked as a WordPress web designer, computer tutor and editor. She specialises in creating successful communication channels for community groups using websites and social media. She is highly self-motivated with excellent analytical and organisational skills.

For five years from 2012 she organised a Children’s Poetry Competition and edited a booklet of poems entered into the competition. In 2016-17 she edited and updated a local history book (available on the history page of the Garvald village website) to enable it to be digitally archived for posterity.

Experience includes:
  • Development of WordPress websites, content-writing, site structure planning, site management/maintenance and usability testing.
  • One-to-one tuition of computing skills (including using computers, writing and designing documents, file management, accessing the internet, writing for the web and using social media).
  • Development, writing and editing of user documentation, on-line help, booklets and website content, research papers and training courses (using Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, Quadralay WebWorks online help software and eLearning applications including PlaceWare, Webex and PowerPoint).
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Elements, HTML coding.